Egesim company offers main electrical equipment and its installation for physical, chemical and industrial treatment facilities (scrapers, screens, aerators, mixing and drainage systems).

We perform all kinds of electrical Works for treatment facilities:
  • Electrical systems for preparative and final sedimentation;
  • Automation of ventilation and blower systems;
  • Pump stations, sludge dewatering processes and control systems;
  • Sludge thickening systems;
  • Automation of control valve, ventilated sand and fat sumps;
  • Automation of all necessary instruments (flow meters, temperature, pressure and level sensors), their provision, installation and system integration;
  • Systems of flocculaion pools and clear water pump stations.
  • MCC Panels, Speed Control and Softstarter Panels,
  • Control and PLC Panels,
  • Scada systems, Automation Software, commissioning services,
  • Field Works (cabling, installation, cable trays installation etc.)