Drive MCC PLC Panels
Drive Panels

Our company products suitable drive panels for any applications & drive systems in different sectors.

Some of our standard applications:
  • Drive panels for fan & pump systems (400V, Micromaster & Sinamics G120, PM230 and PM240),
  • Drive panels for compressors (400V, Micromaster & Sinamics G120),
  • Crusher drive panels for mining plants (400V Sinamics PM240),
  • Drive Panels of dust collecting systems for iron&steel plants (Sinamics G130 till 690V 1700kW),
  • Drive panels of CCM Magnetic stirrer for iron&steel plants (400-690V Sinamics G, 250kW-400kW),
  • Drive panels for Extruder applications (690V-315kW-630kW Sinamics G130 Large Drive),
  • Drive panels for paper machines (400V S120, Active Line based systems),
  • Drive panels for Crane systems (400V G120, PM250, S120 4Q Active Infeed systems)
  • Drive panels for standard applications (conveyor, band, pump, stirrer) (230-400V Sinamics V20, Sinamics G120C)
MCC Panels

Our company supplies MCC panels for panels of different brands & models:

  • Withdrawable MCC panels (Sivacon S8),
  • MCC motor outputs with withdrawable & fixed switches (Sivacon, 8PU152, Sicube),
  • Clad & enclosed (with compartments) motor output MCC panels (Sivacon),
  • MCC panels with DOL output till 250kW,
  • Softstarters (3RW30, 3RW40, 3RW44, MCC panels),
  • MCC panels with star/delta motor output.
PLC Panels

Our company, as Siemens Automation Solution Partner & Licensed Siemens Panel Manufacturer, manufactures a great amount of PLC panels, such as:

  • PLC panels of S71200 based machine (stand-by & wall-mounted types)
  • PLC panels based on S7-300 (stand-by & wall-mounted types)
  • S7-400 based process PLC panels (stand-by & wall-mounted types)
  • ET-200 based PLC Remote panels (stand-by & wall-mounted types)
  • HMI Screen panels (KTP1000, KTP1500, Comfort panels etc.)

For special applications, stainless PLC panels and S7-400H type CPU panels in redundant structure are manufactured. ET-200S or M based, distributed I/O systems are also among our solutions.