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Cement industry, which holds a prominent place in the class of heavy industries , is, at the same time, one of the keystones of construction sector. EGESIM company has accomplished many electrification projects in cement and ceramics industries, using high automation technologies, including turn-key electrification projects.

In particular:
  • Automation solutions and drive systems for raw material crushers and grinding machines,
  • Drive and Medium Voltage compensation systems for cement mills,
  • Raw mills and homogenization processes,
  • Separator processes and automation,
  • Rotary furnace processes and control systems,
  • Silo systems and dosing processes,
  • Silo automation systems of clinker line,
  • Automation of all process,
  • Production, provision, installation and commissioning of Medium Voltage cubicles for main drive motors of the mills etc.

For cement industry processes we provide production of all MCC and PLC panels, automation HMI and Scada software, and also any works with instruments. Our company is ready to help you to integrate any kinds of instruments, used at all process stages (flow meter, temperature, pressure and differential pressure transmitters & level sensors), into the automation system. All field works (such as electrical installation, cabling, cable trays) and commissioning works can be completed as a turn-key project.

Main Distributional Boards,
  • MCC and Control Panels, Softstarter and Speed Control Panels,
  • PLC Panels,
  • Instrumentation,
  • MV Cubicles, MV Compensation,
  • Process Automation Software (WinCC Scada software, PLC software),
  • Field works (cable trays, cabling, installation and commissioning services).