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2*24 MWe Pamukören ORC 1-2 Aydın, Türkiye

We Create Sustainable Future with Renewable Energy

Egesim & Atlas Copco cooperation combined their Expertise, Technology and Innovation to offer the most efficient and effective solution with renewable power plants consisting of Geothermal or Waste Heat. Atlas Copco's Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) optimization and cutting-edge Inlet Flow Radial Turbine Technology and variable Inlet Guide Vanes are complemented by Egesim's Automation Solutions to provide the most efficient solution to Geothermal Power Plants.

Our Business Models for Renewable Energy
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9MW Geothermal Power Plant, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Sonasid Substation 220 / 34,5 kV 1x100 MVA 1x40 MVA, Morocco
5 MW – Aluto Langano Geothermal Power Plant, Ethiopia
Tos-Al Steel 220 kV / 34,5 kV 2x100 MVA, Algeria
Consolidated Jordanian Company for Steel Industry, Jordan
Outotec – Maaden Gold Project, Saudi Arabia
5 MW – Aluto Langano Geothermal Power Plant, Ethiopia
Aksa Energy Madagaskar Power Plant, Madagaskar
Sohar Steel, Umman
13,4 MW Limak – Limgaz Geothermal Power Plant, Turkey 22,4 MW Ozmen Geothermal Power Plant, Turkey
Christof Industries LV Distribution Panels, Austria
Sisecam Bulgaria Factory, Bulgaria
Silenos Energy Geothermal Power Plant – Strabag, Germany
Snef – Guardian Glass, Poland
Slavkaly Mining Plant, Belarus
Trakya Cam, Tatarstan
SPBEC – Iron Steel Factory, Kazakhistan
Horn Glass, Uzbekistan
Mary-3 Combined Cycle Power Plant, Turkmenistan
Begram Air Base Fuel Hydrant System, Afghanistan
Genset Control Panels – MAN Energy Solutions, Bangladesh
CEBU Airport Project, Philippines
2.9 MW – Raygen Thermal Hydro & Solar Power Plant with ORC, Australia
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News From Us

SIS Özmen Geothermal Power Plant Successfully Commissioned

The Geothermal Power Plant with a capacity of 22,3 MW became the first power plant synchronized to the system and commissioned in 2019.


Seyitömer Thermal Power Plant FGD Successfully Commissioned

Egesim has successfully carried out all engineering services, production, assembly and commissioning of the equipment of the Celikler 4x150 MW Seyitömer Thermal Power Plant FGD (Flue Gas Treatment) system in Kütahya from A to Z. The project has been successfully added to Egesim's references in the energy sector.


Turnkey Project for Perlite Mining Industry

Maruflar, Yayakent and Pergem Perlite Ore production facilities belonging to the company operating in the Perlite Mining sector have been successfully served on turnkey basis with MCC & PLC Panel productions, PLC & SCADA programs and all field works with MV – LV Distribution.