SIMARC Regulation

One of Egesim products SIMARC is a computer-based system of automation hardware & software, which performs a function of electrode control in electric arc furnaces.

It can be used in hydraulic or motor driven electrode systems. In real time it measures secondary current & voltage values of Arc Furnace transformer, calculates impedance values for every phase and proportionally moves electrodes according to requested by the impedance (arc length) value for protection. All these operations are automatic.

Using this type of Siemens software, system current & voltage can reach control characteristics faster. It also makes easier to arrange the arc length, to give fast & balanced reactions. Our system is suitable for performing of electric regulations, necessary performance analysis & organization of production units of this type.

The stable and general characteristics of SIMARC are following:
  • Low electrode and refractor wastes,
  • Saving in casting time,
  • Energy saving.