Compansation Systems
Kompanzasyon Sistemleri

In energy distribution systems there is an extreme danger of fault in electrical and electronical systems (electrical equipment, computers, telephone lines, alarm systems etc.), caused by harmonics, needed by voltage changes and involved into process thyristor trigger devices (AC/DC Speed Control devices, Softstarters, UPS etc.) and all kinds of welding machines. These harmonics are current and voltage of electrical energy systems, arising in multiple frequency from basic frequency by non-linear power connections.

Non-linear power:
  • UPS,
  • All kinds of welding machines,
  • Speed Control devices,
  • Thyristor controlled electronic power circuits,
  • Transformers of saturation areas,
  • Transformers, working with above nominal power


BDue to this reason our company offers filtered compensation solutions.

Our production comprises Low Voltage till 1 KV, filtered (Tuned & Detuned) and filterless compensation systems. We provide thyristor trigger solutions for applications with conventional contactors & speed dynamics applications, using Siemens and other equipment.


  • 400V – 1000V compensation panels with filtered and filterless contactors
  • 400V – 690V compensation panels with filtered and filterless thyristors