Special MV Panels for Electrical Arc & Ladle Furnaces Transformers
Medium Voltage Cubicles with Vacuum Circuit Breakers for Cupola Furnaces Control
  • Designed for control of Cupola Furnace transformers, panels with Vaccum Circuit Breaker, with voltage 36 kV – 40,5 kV, current capacity 1250A – 4000A prevent overvoltage, which can damage equipment in the furnace feeding line.
  • In the inputs of this system a voltage transformer, a disconnector with motor or manual control, a current transformer, a vacuum circuit breaker, an earthing disconnector, protection & control devices are used.
  • Vacuum Circuit Breakers, used in this system for Casting furnaces have advanced long time on-off service life.
  • Mechanical service life of the circuit breaker is 30.000 mechanical switching operations, which can be prolonged to 60.000, if after every 10.000 switching, service is maintained.
  • After every 30.000 switching the poles of the circuit breaker must be changed.
  • It provides long time high performance due to vacuum circuit breaker technology.
  • Vacuum Circuit Breaker do not need any special maintanance. In case of very hard work of Arc Furnaces, a simple maintanance is recommended.
Principle Diagram of Cupola Furnaces Control Cubicles