PLC Systems

Since its foundation EGESIM has dealt with all kinds of industrial automation; we have successfully realized specific automation projects in Energy, Paper, Iron & Steel, Cement, Mining and many other industries.

According to the needs of the sector and the project, we choose the most optimum products, by this we both provide necessary for processes productivity & speed and stick to the investment cost.

Depending to the plant size & process load, either redundant or singular structure of CPU & other auxilliary equipment can be used. In particular, beside PLC units with microprocessor of S7-400, S7-300 & S7-1500 series, our company often uses CPU units of S7-1200 & LOGO series for machine production and similar plants.

Besides, according to the necessity of intercommunication of the new-set plant with other automation systems, all needed additional options are chosen by our automation engineers.

We supply to our customers PLC equipment, panels of Siemens brand & auxilliary products for longer service life and easier operating.