MV - LV Energy Monitoring Systems
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Energy monitoring and operating systems in transformer substations & MV swithgear plants appear to be not only wide-used solutions, but also the way, preferred in order of energy economizing & increase of productivity.

Energy monitoring and operating systems by instant monitoring of flow, protection relay, data in energy analyzer, positions of circuit-breaker, disconnector & similar equipment and by saving all the changes in computer database provide economizing & statistics of energy consumption. If required, automatic load cycling process can be identified in operation separately. Because of load cycling, it is possible to avoid excess of critical load.

In this scope energy monitoring system can be made for Low Voltage as well as in Medium Voltage sites. Because of appropriate energy analyzers & intercommunication (like Profinet, Profibus, Fiber optics), the equipment, used in MV & LV plants (for example, protective relays), can be monitored by integrating into system.

For energy monitoring & operating systems Egesim offers Siemens PowerCC or, for small operations, WinCC SCADA software. SCADA computer is installed in the system centre and in case of operations expansion, according to the conditions or request, by server-user architecture and web server choices energy monitoring system can be monitored more widely & can be controlled.