3D Scada Applications
Group of companies Egesim, as “SIEMENS Solution Partner” performs industrial automation projects, offering the following equipment:
  • Automation Control Systems,
  • Simatic PLC,
  • Industrial communication systems,
  • Simatic NET Network systems,
  • Man-machine programming interface software (HMI),
  • Industrial SCADA software Win CC & PCS7.

In this area data visualization in process automation systems is very important. That’s why Win CC & PCS7 Scada software is frequently used in projects.

Win CC software is located in control centre and after monitoring all process characteristics (temperature, pressure, level, dijital status data, motor characteristics & energy data, etc.), shows them on the screen. The same way archiving & reporting of other data can be realized by SCADA software.

To increase visuality & usage ergonomics our company produces 3 dimensional Scada screens by request. In this case a scaled diagram of equipment of the monitored machine is done by special programmes (for example, Solid Works) and placed on the main screen of Win CC. As a result, it is easier to monitor the process flow & it is faster for operator to locate a fault or emergency. Besides, depending on the used computer’s performance, equipment of the machine, as well as the process flow, can be watched from different points on 3D Scada screen. It is also possible to add functions of rotation & zooming only of an object of interest.