Information Security


Information Security Goal

The system, which determines the necessary controls and practices for the prevention and management of risks that may affect the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of production and automation projects and corporate information assets, is managed, audited and continuously improved in accordance with Information Security Standards.

Management Support and Resources

All kinds of support and resources are provided to ensure and maintain information security. The Administration performs its duties in terms of supervision and strategy.


The feasibility aspect is considered in the planning and decision-making processes. Compliance with corporate processes and sustainability are prioritized.


Employee participation and support are required to ensure information security and system sustainability. To that end, all of our employees are informed about information security threats and receive the necessary awareness training.

All employees must follow the rules that have been settled.

Supplier Employees

The information of the employees of the subcontractors we receive service is processed in accordance with the legislation.

Legal Legislation

Legal legislation, impose obligations on information security. To ensure compliance, all necessary arrangements are made.


Our suppliers are expected to comply with our information security rules.

Personal Data

In terms of ethical values, the protection of personal data is a critical issue for us.

Personal data protection laws and regulations, board decisions are complied with.


The security and confidentiality of all project-related information is ensured.


Risks to the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of information assets are evaluated on a regular basis, and corrective actions are taken.

Business Continuity

The uninterrupted and redundant sustainability of information processing facilities is very important to us

Resources are made available for the necessary investments for this purpose.


The administration, checks and evaluates compliance with information security policies and rules on a regular basis.

Data Ownership

The ownership of the information assets created, updated and used belongs to our companies. Anyone who accesses these beings should be aware of this.

Exceptions and Nonconformities

It is unacceptable to use information resources to engage in activities that violate ethical rules, contracts, company rules, and legislation.

These and similar activities and undertakings are treated as crimes, and the necessary disciplinary and/or legal processes are implemented, as well as notification to the relevant institutions.


This Policy applies to all of our companies as well as all interested parties associated with them.